Product Range

Sunburst Solarium Ultra Pro
$3,250 excluding GST & delivery

The Sunburst Solarium Ultra Pro with 12 infrared lamps and 2 high powered cooling fans neatly enclosed in the super slim banks, is designed to be used in a fixed position.
Using the supplied controller with timer and dimmers gives full control over the levels of Infrared light therapy.
Output 2.4kw - Weight 27kg

Sunburst SB2 Solarium
$2,250 excluding GST & delivery

Sunburst SB2 Solarium, our most economic model.
As used by Olympic Gold Medalist Nick Skelton.
Output 1.65kw - Weight 15kg.

Digital Coin Operator
$550 excluding GST & delivery

Our Digital Coin Operator is ideal for multi-horse stables, with it’s lockable design you can meter the use of your solarium and generate income by renting out to customers.

Advanced Light Therapy Solariums

The warming process is completely silent using just infrared heat to treat your horses. Low energy useage, with latest generation infrared bulbs.

Industry Leading Build Quality

All of our Sunburst Solariums are manufactured in the United Kingdom. Using a combination of robust stainless steel and galvanised steel providing maximum resistance to corrosion.

Powerful and Adjustable

The DriMee Horse Solariums provide user adjustable power settings via our dimmer unit, which is included as standard with all DriMee Horse Solariums.